Launched by IAC New Jersey in partnership with Act.IL, The NJ Media Room is a non-partisan effort with the goal to build an organized online community of pro-Israel activists.

Act-IL, founded in 2015, is a joint venture of IDC Herzliya, the Israeli American Council (IAC) and the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. For the first time in the history of pro-Israel activism, Act-IL is using a revolutionary mobile and web system to support Israel online and combat antisemitism. By crowd-sourcing Online Activism, Act-IL combines efforts of Israel supporters from around the world in order to generate a strong and effective online presence to support Israel and combat the delegitimization efforts against it. In July 2019, during an interview for the Electronic Intifada podcast, leaders of the BDS movement stated that Act-IL “seems to be the most sophisticated [project] so far”. Act-IL has 7 branches in the US, over 20K online community members from 41 countries who are active for Israel online every 5 minutes on average. The Times of Israel referred to the venture as “one of the fastest growing Israel advocacy groups ever”.

The programs’ goals are:

1. Raise awareness to current challenges Jewish and Israel-supporting groups and individuals face.

2. Giving knowledge combined with practical and effective tools for the program participants to deal with the above;

3. Build an activism committee from program alumni, who will activate the community in combating antisemitism and supporting the State of Israel through social media and offline efforts.
The NJ Media Room brings together pro-Israel activists (high school and college students and adults) for the goal of creating an online community that will act to create a positive influence on the international public opinion about the state of Israel via social media platforms.

The NJ Media room is thankful to the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades and the Jewish Federation of Northern NJ for their partnership and support.

Contact Details

Jeny Dementeva Act.IL Manager
(929) 339-9210