The Media Room’s activities will be guided by expert mentors from our community who have domain expertise in research, journalism, technology, and education. For 10 weeks, meeting every other week, the mentors will guide the team of students ambassadors (ages 16-24) and adults. The team will develop Israel awareness campaigns and will react to local anti-Israel and BDS activities. The team will also develop a network of activists from within the community who will take an active part in the Media Room’s efforts. 

The program will cover: 

  • Educational knowledge about Israel and antisemitism, through an activism-oriented approach.
  • Experts-based in order to ensure their content is taught by the best in each field.
  • Tailored to each demographic (high school + college - track, adults track)
  • Will run for 10 weeks beginning January, 2-hour sessions
  • Will dive deep into and give hands-on experience in the fields of ○ Public diplomacy ○ Communications ○ Israel-related issues ○ Antisemitism ○ Authentic online influence and impact
  • Each session will begin by 15-20 minutes of 1. Completing the weekly effort/if there isn’t one then a round of issues in the community we can do something about 2. Complete missions on app 3. Activist of the week - announce a program participant that completed the most points on app for that week
  • Throughout the series of sessions, participants will actively engage in various projects, leading them to empower their communities to take action surrounding different community needs.
  • The expectation is to build Activism Committees from alumni of the programs. They will be the leaders of the community on the ground, professionally guided by the Media Room Manager.