ACTivism committee New Jersey

The committee will operate as part of the Media Room Act-IL NJ and will include adult community members who wish to take action to combat the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel occurrences in the online and offline arenas.

Objective: The main goal of this committee is to create a group of people who will act as community leaders in the fight against anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli occurrences in their community and surrounding area. The committee will operate in the online and offline arenas.

The Off-Line Arena: Committee members will raise the issues and occurrences that are happening in the New Jersey community and surrounding areas regarding antisemitism and anti-Israel, analyze these occurrences, and build actionable strategies to eradicate them. Members of the committee will take part in the campaign building process with the Media Room youth group. They will meet with youth to discuss the concept of the campaigns and provide support and assistance in getting them to act.

The On-Line Arena: The committee members will take an active part in performing missions on the Act-IL app and will act on other online platforms to promote a positive view of Israel and fighting antisemitism and anti-Israel content. Also, committee members will bring to the group leader hateful content from the web, which can become a mission on the app.

The committee will meet once a month on Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. During each session, half of the time will be devoted to learning about anti-Semitism and modern anti-Semitism, the US, and international anti-Israel organizations and movements, and activism, as well as working on projects and planned campaigns.