Noa Peri-Jensch

Senior National Director of Philanthropy & Growth

Noa has a successful track record of leading and executing development strategies, growing leaders and improving organization culture and business efficiency. She served as the founder and principal of the The Global Momentum LLC, specializes in high-performance teamwork and leadership consulting. She holds an MBA degree in International Business and is the former regional director of training for Marriott International in Europe. She has written and facilitated programs in many Jewish communities around the country. 

Noa has always been an active member of the Las Vegas Jewish and Israeli community, from facilitating the Super Sunday for the Jewish Federation and working with JewEL, to working with the Jewish Community Center Association, active member of the Israeli Scouts (Tzofim) parents board, leading the IAC professional networking group as well as helping raising funds to St. Jude - Children Cancer Research. Noa and her husband, Bob and daughters, Lia and Emily have been living in Las Vegas for the past seven years and love the desert life and this wonderful community.