IAC Gvanim

About the program

IAC Gvanim is a powerful vehicle for cultivating Israeli-American leaders impacting the Israeli-American and Jewish-American communities. Participants take an in-depth journey into their hybrid Israeli-American and Jewish identities, identifying the unique needs, challenges and questions of the Israeli and Jewish American community in each region and nationally while gaining new leadership tools, and initiating innovative solutions and strategies.

Gvanim Leadership

Focuses on creating Israeli-American activist leaders by developing their skills in community development, providing access to Jewish and Israeli leaders and mentors, and exploring their unique hybrid identity.

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Gvanim Limmud

A space for deep conversations and dynamic Beit Midrash where community members learn In Chevrutah exploring the central questions facing the Israeli-American and Jewish-American communities and shaping new traditions influencing the Israeli and Jewish American community while engaging with Jewish text and Israeli culture.

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Gvanim Ramon

Focuses on empowering Israeli and Jewish-American women leaders. The program allows women to reconnect with Israel as they experience Tsfat, Tel Aviv, Masada, Shabbat in Jerusalem and many more unique experiences. This yearlong program allows the women to develop leadership skills as they create a deeper connection with their Jewish Identity, impacting their family and community.

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