IAC Mishelanu works to engage, empower and inspire a nationwide pro-Israeli leadership network on campus. The program provides a home for Israeli-American students to become a living bridge between Israel and the campus community. Mishelanu gives students the opportunity to become active leaders as they explore and strengthen their Israeli and Jewish identities building dynamic campus communities centered around “Israeliness."

IAC Mishelanu Conference

The IAC Mishelanu Annual Conference brings college students together from across the country for a meaningful weekend that strengthens their purpose and resolve as a force to make a difference on college campuses.

IAC Mishelanu is a nationwide network of college students from 96 campuses actively develops leadership and entrepreneurship skills through our accelerator, fellowship and mentorship programs to enrich students' college and professional careers.



Looking to create your own campus IAC Mishelanu group?

Israeli-American campus leaders can operate an IAC Mishelanu chapter on their campus!
For additional information please contact your Regional Manager:

Boston and New England - [email protected]

Northeast - [email protected]

Mid-Atlantic - [email protected]

Southeast- [email protected]

Northwest -  [email protected]

Southwest - [email protected]

Other regions- [email protected]


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