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Night of Shabbat Dinners to Unite Jewish Communities from Coast-to-Coast
The IAC Shishi Israeli program has sparked national excitement while strengthening the
bond between Jewish Americans and Israeli-Americans.

The popular Israeli-American Council (IAC) Shishi Israeli program, which brings together
Israeli-American and Jewish American families of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate
their shared culture and heritage, is uniting this week from coast to coast. Four
regions—Nevada, Arizona, Florida and New York—will all host Shishi on the same Friday
night, building a Jewish communal experience that bridges historical and geographical
gaps across the American Jewish landscape.

“IAC Shishi Israeli has become a national movement of its own,” IAC CEO Shoham
Nicolet said. “It is inspiring to watch the program growing so quickly, bridging together
thousands of Israeli and Jewish Americans of all backgrounds around their passion to
celebrate Shabbat in an Israeli style. It looks like a new tradition is forming organically.”
IAC Shishi Israeli’s welcoming environment provides families and individuals the
opportunity to unite around a Shabbat table through a love of Jewish and Israeli culture,
community building, family time and traditional ritual.
“My family missed the national spirit of Shabbat in Israel, which begins on Yom Shishi—
Friday,” said Yael Shapira, an Israeli-American. “Now, we again have family and friends
coming together to welcome the Shabbat, with good food and the classic Israeli singalong.
It creates a unique home away from home.”
Each city will add their own twist to the shared Shabbat experience. For example,
Arizona will host a costume contest in honor of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim,
while Florida will host Shalva Berti, an Israeli singer and performer.
“It has been inspiring to be part of this program’s development and rapid growth–and to
witness how an Israeli-style Shabbat can powerfully connect and engage Jews of all
backgrounds, ages, and levels of observance,” said Yehudit Feinstein, IAC Regional
Director in New York. “IAC Shishi Israeli is bringing families and communities closer
together around the magic of Shabbat in new and exciting ways across the country.”

About the IAC: Headquartered in Los Angeles, the IAC is committed to building an
engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens our next generations,
the American Jewish community, and the State of Israel. The IAC strives to achieve these
goals through programs and events for all ages – and by empowering and supporting a
wide array of non-profit organizations within the Israeli-American community. For more
information about the Israeli-American Council, please visit

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