Keshet and Keshetot are immersive Israeli Enrichment Programs for children of all ages!

We teach: 

  • Hebrew language immersion (two tracks welcome native Hebrew speakers and beginners)
  • Israeli culture, folklore, music, art, stories, drama, life skills and more
  • Jewish values and holidays through an Israeli perspective 
  • Authentic Israeli content, building a shared cultural identity with Israeli peers 


We inspire: 

  • Love of Israel and its culture 
  • Positive Jewish identity and pride in Israeli heritage 
  • Hebrew fluency and a strong connection to Israel through Hebrew language 
  • A vibrant and diverse community founded on Jewish and Israeli values
  • Life-long learners, motivated by passion and creativity 


Keshet is designed for children ages 4 and up.
Keshetot is designed for infants and toddlers up to age 3½.

קשת וקשתות הן תוכניות העשרה בעברית לילדים בכל הגילאים

אנחנו מלמדים:

  • עברית בשני מסלולים
  • תרבות ישראית, פולקלור, מוסיקה, אמנות, סיפורים, דרמה, כישורי חיים ועוד
  • ערכים יהודיים וחגים דרך נקודת מבט ישראלית
  • תוכן ישראלי אוטנטי, זהות תרבותית משותפת לחברים ישראלים


אנחנו מעודדים:

  • אהבת ישראל ותרבותה
  • זהות יהודית וגאווה במורשת ישראל
  • שיחה בעברית וקשר חזק לישראל דרך השפה
  • קהילה דינאמית ומגוונת המבוססת על ערכים ישראלים ויהודיים


קשת - לילדים מגיל 4 ומעלה
קשתות - לתינוקות ופעוטות עד גיל 3.5


Want to bring a new student to IAC Keshet??? Let us know IN ADVANCE who they are and we'll take 10% off YOUR tuition!

At Keshet your child will sing, dance, create, play, learn, enjoy & gain hands on Hebrew language skills in the company of friends.

Keshet teachers are dedicated, experienced, talented and creative educators. The energy and warmth that permeates the classroom fills every child -- baby through tween -- with a deep love of Hebrew language and Israeli culture. Some of our teachers have experience in visual, performing and fine arts, talents they generously share to enhance classroom learning! As native Hebrew speakers, our teachers organically create a nurturing environment that makes Israeli culture accessible and fun for students of all backgrounds. They also receive ongoing professional consultation and guidance to develop lesson plans and educational materials that can be tailored to all learning styles. Keshet values and maintains a direct, open line of communication between our teachers and parents.

We offer two tracks to accommodate all children:

  • An immersion track for Hebrew speaking children.
  • A dual language program for non-Hebrew speaking children.

Our curriculum is based on several cutting edge, leading Israeli reading, writing and phonics programs including Chalav U’Dvash, Nitzanim Shel Otiot and HaMafteach HaKesem.

Who are Keshet Families?

Keshet families are united by the shared goal of developing fluency in the Hebrew language and instilling love of Israeli culture and Jewish identity. Our families are diverse and we welcome families of all types and religious levels: Israelis who have relocated to New York, native born Americans, immigrants, interfaith families, mixed Israeli-American couples, secular, traditional and religious.


"Thank you so much to the amazing Adi and Daniel! The kids had a great year and learned so much!! Thank you so much for all the care you show the kids each and every session. We can't wait for next year! Love, Ben, Rachel, Shai, Avi, Micah and Ezra"

"I would just like to thank Alex, our experience with you this year was the most joyful of all A.'s years in Hebrew school.The kids were really interested in learning with you–you are exciting, creative and loving and went out or your way to spend personal time with each of the students. We look forward to next year! Thank you, Tamar"

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