“In Keshet I learned that little kids like little countries can dream big ad achieve their goals and dreams.”
- Amalia
“Eitanim is about the process of exploring and Innovation. All my friends from Eitanim dare to dream and the program helps us learn how we can achieve those dreams. It nice that it connects me to my culture and I can help solve some of its problems.”  
- Ido 
“We feel that it’s so important to highlight all of the diversity in the world and how it makes us stronger. We drew the moon to honor Beresheet and to say thank you to Morris Kahn who represents everything Eitanim is: love for Israel, innovation and community”
“I just wanted to thank everyone involved for a great job on Sunday – it was a very special event and brought some, in Talmudic terms, “Avira D’Eretz Yisrael” to NY.  Our kids had a great time, even if they couldn’t speak with Rinat, as they were hoping to – I don’t know if you were expecting so many kids and so much excitement there, but it was very nice to see.  May you continue to grow and connect more and more people to Israel.  B’hatzlacha and kol tuv.”

- Maury Kelman

"Thank you for all you did to make Celebrate Israel Festival fantastic. The venue was amazing and the people were blown away."

- Gila Ronen

“Dear IAC committee, תודה רבה על יום נפלא! Thank you so much for an amazing event!!! We all had a great time. Thank you for all your effort. I would love to help if any help is needed. We can't wait for the next year celebration. Thank you”

- Nadine Wertheim ( and all my family)