The Act.IL Media Room works to produce content including videos, infographics, blogs, polls, and petitions to be shared across various social media platforms. These campaigns launched are either in response to local anti-Israel or anti-Semitic activity, or content developed to simply raise Israel awareness and promote Israel positively amongst the community. 

Our recent local campaings:

Yes to Education - No to Hate                                                                          

3,000 members of the community were mobilized to attain 15,000 signatures on the formal complaint submitted to the California Department of Education regarding the anti-Israel proposed Ethnic Studies Curriculum, which is currently undergoing severe revisions as a result of the campaign.


In response to the recent rave of anti-Semitism in America, and in honor of  Holocaust Memorial Day, the IAC Act-IL Media Rooms  launched a campaign where survivors read and responded to recent anti-Semitic tweets to reflect their disbelief that these such hatred and anti-Semitism exists in today's America.


Students of the Los Angeles Media Room launched a campaign to raise awareness of local Pitzer College's upcoming vote to suspend its study abroad program with Haifa University in Israel. The campaign highlighted the votes infringement of academic freedom. The decision to cancel the program was not upheld.