The IAC Networks are aimed to connect Israeli-Americans / Jewish-Americans in their respective fields for the purposes of strengthening community bonds while expanding individual personal networks and business opportunities. 

Below you will find a list of what Network Members gain:

  • Program Goal - To connect, empower and create business relations in your Network.
  • Free Consultation Services – Network members are encouraged to offer free consultation services in their respective professions to fellow members.
  • Attendance – Members must attend a majority of Network events in addition to one other IAC event/activity per year.
  • Member management - A closed Facebook group will be used to manage each specific Network.
  • Events - We aim to organize a handful of events throughout the year. The events will include but are not limited to luncheons, job fairs, and speaker events.
  • All Network members will have access to the Real-Estate and Startupist Networks.


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(818) 466-6454