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Since 2008, the Israeli-American Council has mobilized tens of thousands of Israeli and Jewish Americans in support of the state of Israel through civil engagement and advocacy efforts. By uniting with Act.IL and the Jewish Foundation of Los Angeles, the LA Media Room engages in online activism for Israel through a series of cutting-edge initiatives, educational seminars, leadership training, and strategic partnerships. This partnership allows the IAC to continue to build a network of off- and online communities who are committed to battling the growing trend of the boycott movement (BDS) and new anti-Semitism conducted through the delegitimization of the State of Israel.


Our Vision: To create an online community that will act to promote a positive influence on the international public opinion towards the state of Israel via social media platforms. Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Operated by its local manager, volunteer mentors, and student ambassadors (high school and college), The Los Angeles Media room strives to engage the entire local community and collectively respond to any anti-Israel activity in the community while also promoting Israel through content-driven campaigns.

Act.IL also has a first of its kind app that makes it easy to engage in Israel advocacy by crowdsourcing pro-Israeli activists worldwide to fight against the demonization of the state of Israel on different online platforms.

1. Online activism through Act.IL app

Creating and uploading weekly missions to the Act.IL app, and building our local social media community for Israel

Skills to gain = #communications #advocacy #social_media #politics

2. Content creation

Producing videos, infographics, blogs, polls, petitions to be shared across various social media channels

Skills to gain = #campaigns #graphic_design #digital_suite #professional_portfolio

3. Professional training

Advising our community on how to be better advocates for Israel with our 'Situation Room' simulator and planning pop-up events to raise awareness of our program

Skills to gain = #non_profit #events #marketing #diplomacy #NGO

To schedule a workshop on Israel advocacy and online activism contact the Media Room Manager.


Under the guidance of volunteer mentors from the fields of research, journalism, hi-tech and education, a hand-chosen group of Student Ambassadors, will represent an elite public diplomacy team, developing Israel awareness campaigns and reactions to local anti-Israel and BDS activity, while training and engaging a wider community of volunteers (all ages) to join their efforts.


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Jessica Barazani, Media Room Manager
(818) 451-1204