We are planning our next event. More details soon.

Past Events

Fri, Apr 3rd 2020
Practice your Hebrew and meet with friends in a live session with students from all across the US
Wed, Apr 1st 2020
Join us for a stimulating conversation on how COVID-19 will affect the 20 election cycle
Thu, Mar 26th 2020
Exercise your cooking skills and learn how to make delicious Shakshuka!
Wed, Mar 25th 2020
Join us for a fun and interactive Pilates webinar!
Wed, Mar 18th 2020
IAC Mishelanu is hosting a series of webinars, keeping us connected while the campuses are closed
Tue, Mar 5th 2019
Join our 5th online conversation for year 2019!!
Sun, Feb 17th 2019
IAC Mishelanu DMV Spring Retreat
Wed, Jan 30th 2019
Join us for our 4th Online Conversation with Guest Speaker, Professor Amir Grinstein
Tue, Dec 18th 2018
Activism on Campus
Mon, Nov 26th 2018
Special Meeting with Yaniv Capeluto