Shirli Depas Diner

Regional Council Co-chair

Shirli Depas Diner is the vivacious CEO of Sunshine Life Coaching. With a passion for empowering women, Shirli began her business to help others achieve their best potential and reach the next level. As a certified Life Coach, Business Coach, and NLP Master, she has the experience and knowledge to guide her clients in all aspects of their lives.

Born in Netanya, Israel, Shirli is a proud Israeli-American who’s heavily involved in the community and dedicated in uniting the two. 20 years ago, Shirli moved to the United States with her partner Tzvika who later became her husband. Together, they have created a successful life of many professional and personal achievements including their four beautiful children.

In addition to her coaching accolades, Shirli has found success in the business world as the proud owner of a property management company with a portfolio of over 1000 properties. Highly devoted to her giving back, Shirli not only donates her time for community events but is also deeply engrained in many organizations including Larger Than Life. As a credible leader across a variety of industries, Shirli has been trusted to host a number of speaking engagements.

The epitome of a ray of sunshine, Shirli is determined to help those around her find their light through Sunshine Life Coaching.