IAC Boston, in partnership with Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston (CJP), and IDC Herzliya, has launched the Boston Media Room, the first of its kind in the US. The Media Room brings together Israeli-Americans, Jewish Americans and Israelis to create a cutting-edge pro-Israel community utilizing online technologies. The goal of the program is to promote a positive influence on the international public opinion towards the State of Israel via social media platforms.

The Boston Media Room is a pilot project modeled after IDC Herzliyah’s cutting-edge “situation room,” which was initiated by students in response to Operation "Protective Edge" and created #israelunderfire, a TIME Magazine top 10 most influential hashtag of 2014. The situation room's activity led to the development of ACT.IL - Online Community for Israel, an activism platform and mobile App which will be used to build both physical and virtual communities and engage them in organized pro-Israel activity on social media.

On January 14-16 2017, the pilot group of Israeli and Jewish American high school and college students came together for a two and half day cutting edge ambassadorship training program providing them with the tools to become pro-Israel social media activists.
This media room is the first of several media rooms expected to open across the U.S. These rooms will serve as physical spaces for training and activating volunteers to take part in local online pro-Israel activities. Under the guidance of volunteer mentors from the fields of research, journalism, hi-tech, and education, a hand-picked group of Student Ambassadors (ages 16-24) will represent an elite public diplomacy team, developing Israel awareness campaigns and reactions to local anti-Israel and BDS activity while training and engaging a wider community of volunteers (all ages) to join their efforts.

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Local organized groups are invited to receive training and participate in weekly media room activities at IAC Merkaz in Boston. 

The Boston Media Room is a non-partisan effort with the goal to build an organized online community of pro-Israel activists. 
Sponsored by Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), Israeli American Council (IAC), and IDC Herzliya.

"As someone who loves Israel…I’m excited to have a creative platform for my activism. Now that I’ve joined this project, where I can use my journalism skills and knowledge of Israel to make a difference, I feel like I’ve really found my place.” -Maya Metser

“We’re not just combating the negative, we’re also illuminating the positive. As advocates for Israel, we’re using social media to create awareness through compelling messages and infographics. We also suggest actions that people can take to support Israel.” -Rachel Selvin