An incredible 1st ever National Conference for Israeli-American students has just came to its end.

One hundred and fifty American-Israeli college students from 10 US states and Canada met in Los Angeles for the inaugural Israeli-American Council’s Mishelanu National Conference. They experienced plenty of informative sessions in English and Hebrew on everything from storytelling and discussing Tel Aviv as Israel’s melting pot, to mixers and musical performances, combating the demonization of Israel on campus was a major theme throughout the conference.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this important event and helped make history!

כנס הסטודנטים הישראלים-אמריקאים הראשון מסוגו הגיע לסיומו. תודה לכל אלו שלקחו חלק בחוויה המדהימה הזו ועזרו לנו לעשות היסטוריה