Since 2008, the IAC has mobilized tens of thousands of Israeli and Jewish Americans in support of the state of Israel through civil engagement and advocacy efforts. Through a series of cutting-edge initiatives, educational seminars, leadership training, and strategic partnerships, the IAC continues to build a network of off- and online communities who are committed to combatting BDS and new anti-Semitism.

Pro-Israel activism and combatting hate are our strategic priorities. This means fighting against anti-Semitism and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement; advocating for greater transparency and balance in high school Middle East curricula; creating new pro-Israel leadership on college campuses to Israel; educating government officials about Israel and the threats of anti- Semitism; and developing high-level partnerships with Jewish community leaders to effect change.

ACT.IL is dedicated to empowering offline local communities to fight against anti-Semitism and Israel’s delegitimization by utilizing cutting edge online technologies. By connecting our communities globally, we generate a strong and effective offline and online impact.

IAC-IDC Situation Room

A joint project of the IAC and IDC Herzliya’s Public Diplomacy Center, which started as a student initiative with the goal of improving Israel’s global image via social media.

Simulator Training

Participants experience the challenges and opportunities of managing a pro-Israel situation-room via tailor-made scenarios, such as countering BDS resolutions. This upcoming year the cutting edge simulator training will start to operate within the IAC Community Centers throughout the nation.

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