Q: Will a all the food be Kosher at the festival?

A: Yes, all the food will be Kosher and supervised under Kehila and KSA

Q: Will outside food and drinks be allowed to be brought into the festival?

A: No, we do not allow outside food into the festival, sorry.

Q: Are dogs allowed into the festival?

A: No, dogs are not allowed into the festival, even small ones do to health Regulations

Q: Will there be a bar serving alcohol at the festival this year?

A: Yes, there will be a bar. Only those with a valid ID of 21 and over will be allowed into the bar area.

Q: Does the ticket purchased gives me access to come in and out of the park?

A: No, you must get a stamp to exit and re-enter the park

Q: Is there parking near the festival?

A: Yes there is plenty of parking in the area at a reduced rate and a free shuttle to the park. Please visit the General Information tab under parking for more information

Q: How often do shuttles run from the parking lot to the park?

A: Shuttles run every 15 minutes all day.

Q: Where can I purchase tickets in advance?

A: purplepass.com/CelebrateIsraelLA2017

Q: Can we park in the streets and community near the park?

A: Parking in the neighborhood is forbidden. Cars will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.

Q: Are the amusement rides free?

A:  No the rides are not free but are at a discounted rate. There are many other attractions for kids at the festival that are free which include arts and crafts, hands on attractions, animal petting, free performances and more.

Q: Will there be security at the festival?

A: Yes, every year the festival takes extra measures to make sure that the festival surroundings and the attendees are safe and therefore hire a private security company that works closely with the LAPD to ensure everyone is safe.

Q: If I buy a ticket online and decide not to attend the festival, can I get reimbursed?

A:  Refunds will be made only in a case of emergency with appropriate medical proof or cancellation of event.