Tamar Cohen Pinto

Community Events Manager

Tamar is an early childhood educator, founder and director of Gan Gurim, a full Hebrew immersion preschool operating since 2004 in Maryland. Being truly passionate about an “all Hebrew approach”, combined with years of experience in the Kibbutz education system, Tamar developed a curriculum that supports preserving and expanding Hebrew language skills among children of Israeli origin living in the USA, together with tightening the connection to Israel and the Israeli culture and identity.

As an educator and a parent of 3, living in the USA since 1997, Tamar is very familiar with the challenges faced by educators and parents who are interested in preserving the Hebrew language both in the home and in the classroom.

Tamar is an active member of the Israeli community in Rockville, Maryland, volunteering for many years in several areas: supporting families from Israel who come to seek medical assistant at the NIH, working to make significant changes in the wellbeing of lone soldiers in Israel, and among other language and culture oriented projects, she is the leader of the cultural/library team, a team that created and operates the first Hebrew library in the Washington DC vicinity.

Tamar holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Seminar Hakibutzim in Tel Aviv, and a master’s degree in teaching Hebrew as a second language from Middlebury College in Vermont.