Shira Ravin


Shira works as the pedagogic specialist and Hebrew Language Specialist for the Areivim Hebrew at Camp (AHAC) program, with collaboration with the Foundation for Jewish Camp around the US. Shira is an educator who dedicated herself to promote the studies of the Hebrew language in the USA. She is involved with various organizations that work toward increasing the awareness of the importance of Hebrew as a second language and the culture that the language represents. Recently, Shira was involved in the establishment of the first full immersion Hebrew public Charter school in Washington, DC.

Shira is part of a pioneering academic Hebrew MA program at Middlebury College, VT, Advocating for improving the Hebrew teaching and pedagogy in formal and informal Jewish education sectors. Shira collaborates with Middlebury College as a Hebrew language specialist to support new programs,. Along the years, Shira was involved in the local Israeli scouts and served as a parent board member for several years. Shira believes that the Israeli American young generations will play an important role in the future of Israel state and in the status of the American Jews. It is up to the Israeli American community to nurture the connection with Israel through investing in educational programs, language and meaningful, engaging experiences.