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Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 10:00am
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Virginia & Maryland From VA to NY , MD

Dear Riders, 

Here is a massage from Jonathan Chashper, an IDF Veteran, Israeli, Tech Entrepreneur, Rider, and an IAC activist. 

We are putting together a group of Israeli and American Riders that are united around their love of Israel and their love of riding. The idea is to go on trips together, connect and exchange ideas about life, Zen and pursue of happiness on and off the motorcycle.  

Rolling Thunder comes to an end; 2019 will be last ride! We are going to join this last Rolling Thunder Event.

If you are in the NoVA or MoCo area and looking for someone to go to Rolling Thunder with, you are welcome to join us. Download WolfPack (http://onelink.to/9kmw37) and join our Rolling Thunder Pack (packID: 333-688-37)! Everything you need to know is there. 

See you on the road, keep the rubber down, ride safe! 

*This is an independent riders group, that is not organized by the IAC. The IAC encourag you to drive safely, and is not responsible in any way for any damage and/or accidents.