The Non-profit Exhibition aims to expose participants to programs, innovation in Hebrew education, and opportunities to connect to Jewish tradition. The exhibition and Shuk are a place for everyone to feel comfortable and connect on the basis of our unbreakable bond to Israel.

IAC has no political affiliation and its directors, representors, employees, and participants represent different and diverse political views that span Israel’s ideological spectrum. The IAC supports the notion that the citizens of the State of Israel should determine their own public policy through the country’s democratic institutions. Therefore the IAC shall not support, affiliate, partner or work with any organization, institution or company that does not support the right of the citizens of Israel for self-determination in the State of Israel and/or challenge the authority of the Israeli democratically elected government to govern the state and its people. In addition, the IAC will not give any credibility, legitimize, or partner with any organization that asks foreign governments to interfere in Israel’s internal politics or authority of the Israeli government who makes decisions for the people in Israel.

Therefore the exhibition cannot accommodate organizations who have political activities in the US which aim at changing or influencing the internal political decision of the government in Israel.

General guide lines:

Political solicitation of any sort is not allowed.   

Organizational materials distribution should be done in the booths and not in other summit area.

The booth can only to be operated by nonprofit organizations.

Handouts, only nonprofit organization materials (nonpolitical) and nonprofit programing is allowed.   

Booth header and name will only carry nonprofit organization.

The booth needs to be occupied during all hours of operation.

The summit is Shabbat observing.

For more information and to register for a booth contact Shaked Angel at [email protected].