IAC Mishelanu National Student Summit

Join hundreds of Israeli-American students for four inspiring days filled with Israeli culture and celebration. The Mishelanu Summit will be part of IAC’s National Summit — the biggest gathering of Israeli Americans in the world!

  • Celebrate your Israeli-American identity
  • Listen to incredible speakers
  • Hang out with friends who understand you better than everyone else
  • Network with successful Israeli entrepreneurs
  • Indulge in delicious Israeli food
  • Take part in top-notch leadership training


Hotel discounts and travel subsidies are available for students!

“At the IAC Summit, I’m surrounded by like-minded people who speak Hebrew and say ‘hummus’ the way it’s meant to be said. I feel like I’m back in Israel, even if it’s just for a few days.” - Miki Pokryvailo, Stony Brook University

“Meeting students from all around the U.S. who share the same thing — a love for Israel — makes me feel at home.” - Noya Dolev, University of Washington

“At the IAC Summit, I feel like I’m not just hanging out with friends. I’m hanging out with family.” - Alon Uralevich, UC Santa Cruz

“It’s vital to have this network of people who can understand you in ways that others can’t because this identity we share affects so much of our lives.” - Danielle Ben-Shimon, Las Vegas

For information about subsidies for students:
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For general questions:
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