IAC Eitanim Hackathon at the National IAC Summit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

We are very happy that you’ve decided to join us for this unique experience! 

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What is the IAC Eitanim track at the IAC National Summit?

During the IAC National Summit, IAC Eitanim will host a special track as an integral part of the summit. Our goal is to have Jewish and Israeli-American teens come together from across the country for an innovation, entrepreneurship, fun and meaningful workshops, featuring top professionals and experts as their mentors.  IAC Eitanim students will develop valuable skills such as working as a team, project management, storytelling, branding, creativity, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship skills and more.

You can read more about IAC Eitanim  ​here​.  

What is the theme?  

This year we planned a special program for our Eitanim track. It won't be like the Hackathon we had at the last conference. There will be various workshops and panels. Students will be able to embrace and gain different skills in each encounter with entrepreneurs, speakers, people with influence and experience in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel and the US.

Does the work involve programming or require previous knowledge? 

No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. Whatever your interest is, you will find a way to contribute to the team effort.

Do I need a chaperone?

Yes. The IAC National Summit is an event for the whole family. Teens are encouraged to arrive with their parents, and join us for the IAC Eitanim track while other breakout sessions occur. IAC staff will not be responsible for participating teens when they are not in Eitanim sessions. Therefore, either a parent or otherwise designated adult should be responsible for teen’s wellbeing for the duration of the summit.

Are the teens supervised?  

The IAC Eitanim staff will be with the teens during all scheduled activities.
Outside the Eitanim track schedule, a parent or designated guardian should be responsible for the teen’s wellbeing - this includes transportation to/from airport or hotel to the summit center, any meals that are not provided at the summit, and otherwise health and safety of the teen at all times.
​Please keep in mind that any behavioral misconduct will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate expulsion from the IAC Eitanim program.  

Is the food Kosher?  

The summit center will only allow kosher food on site. All meals and snacks provided during the Summit will be Kosher, and teens are requested not to bring in the facility any food that is not Kosher certified out of respect to our hosts. 

Is the program in English?  

Yes. Although our program attracts many Hebrew speakers from the Israeli American community, we will have many participants who speak only English. Speaking Hebrew is allowed and even encouraged when interacting with your Hebrew-speaking peers, but make sure you are constantly respectful and inclusive with your friends who cannot understand the language. 

What should I pack?  

We ask that you bring a personal laptop or tablet.
The attire at the summit is formal, so while we do recommend having comfortable clothes for the long days, your attire should be up with the dress code.
Otherwise remember to bring all your personal hygiene products and anything else you would bring for a hotel stay (like electronic devices and chargers).

Do you have a Facebook for photos and updates?

Visit the ​IAC Eitanim Facebook page ​to see pictures and get live updates on the program.

Additional questions?

if you have any more questions or need clarification please feel free to contact  Maytal Yifrach [email protected]