Yishai Cohen

IAC San Francisco Regional Council Chairman

Yishai was raised in Hod HaSharon, Israel and served as an officer in the Armored Corps of the IDF.  Yishai has been serving in a variety of executive roles in the tech industry in Israel, Boston, and, since 2005, in the Silicon Valley.

Yishai has three kids. Shir and Ron joined Garin Tzabar, made aliya and served in the IDF in significant instructional and combat roles. Tav is planning to follow in her siblings’ footsteps once she graduates high school.

Since arriving to the U.S., Yishai has been taking a variety of community roles - volunteering to serve as the head of the Israeli scouts’ San Francisco chapter, Shevet Hamifratz, and serving as a mentor in the IAC Eitanim program in the SF bay area.