Neta Glaser

Regional Council Member, San Diego

Neta was born in Haifa, Israel and relocated to San Diego with her family when she was 7. She earned her Biomedical Mechanical Engineering degree at USC, and currently works at NuVasive as a Biomedical R&D engineer, designing implants and instruments for spine surgery.

Neta is the Co-Chair of the San Diego Society of Women Engineers’ Professional Development committee, the President of the Smooth Talkers toastmasters club, and the Chair of NuVasive’s cultural group.

Neta is passionate about giving back to the Israeli-American and Jewish-American Communities. She first got involved with IAC through her alma mater and was a member of USC’s Mishelanu group. Later she served as an Eitanim mentor. As a Council Member, Neta is excited to focus on the San Diego IAC Edge, Mishelanu, and Biotech initiatives.