Doron Malka, PhD

Regional Council Member, San Diego

Doron Malka is the president and founder of Ameba Marketing, Inc., a thriving and full-service marketing communications agency with a strong client base consisting of local, national and international organizations. 

Doron was born in Jerusalem, Israel where he ultimately acquired his first leadership role as a member of Israel’s elite paratrooper unit. He completed his bachelor’s degree in international relations at the Hebrew University in 1991. He then moved to San Diego to complete his MBA at San Diego State University’s with an emphasis in marketing. In November 2014, after successfully defending his dissertation on The Placebo Effect of Brands, Doron received his Doctorate degree in Business Administration.

in 1996, Doron founded Ameba Marketing with the vision to create a marketing agency that breaks all the molds. Like its name suggests, Ameba is small, flexible, and capable of nimble adaptation and tactical transformation. Today, Ameba Marketing boasts a vast array of successful clientele in various industries ranging from philanthropy, healthcare, life sciences, biotech and technology to toys, consumer products and professional services, with a wealth of award-winning campaigns to its credit.

Since launching Ameba marketing, Doron has personally crafted and managed cutting-edge branding, marketing, and public relations campaigns for national and international clients, such as Hewlett-Packard, Sharp Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente, California Department of Managed Healthcare, ResMed and The City of Chula Vista, to name a few -- all with a cup of espresso in hand. When Doron isn't devising a brand strategy or looking over a pantone book, chances are he’s reading the New Yorker somewhere on the French Riviera.