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IAC San Diego
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
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4126 Executive Dr
92037 , La Jolla, , CA

Jews around the world, including right here in San Diego, are targets of hate crimes on a level we have not witnessed in decades. This is a cause for great concern and action.

Help determine the future of the San Diego Jewish community by combating antisemitism and engaging in Israel activism. Join the Act-IL San Diego program.

Join to:

• Get educated

• Be trained gaining skills to be active

• Help respond to local incidents

•Lead online & offline campaigns

• Combat anti-semitism in San Diego

• Help lead a pro-Israel community


Training 2: Feb 26, 2020 - When It Appears in Your School, Library or Rotary Club

Trainer: IAC ACT Jessica Barazani Format: An anti-Israel film or curriculum material is used in your school, at your local library or rotary club. Work together with IAC ACT and Stand With Us personnel on a strategy for local community residents response. Strategies may include drafting communications for use by community members, planning for meetings, creating social media content, planning for alternative events.

Contact Details

Merav Shenhar, Regional Director, San Diego