Jennie Starr

Regional Council Member, San Diego

Jennie is a lawyer with sales, marketing and operations experience in tech and life science.  Jennie is currently Associate Director, Donor Recruitment for Seres Therapeutics. Jennie is on the leadership team of Women in Bio (WIB), National Chair (2019-present) of eMAPS cohort programs for VP and C-suite life science professionals and Chair of the Southern California Chapter (2019-2020).  Jennie practiced law with Clausen Miller and Bollinger, Ruberry and Garvey and then led sales and product teams at Lexis-Nexis, Gateway, and startups MusicMatch, MedUnite and BioForm Solutions. Jennie has a BA from Northwestern University, MA from the University of Illinois, and a JD from Washington University in St. Louis.

Jennie founded and served as the Director of Tarbuton (2006-2016), a nonprofit that offered Israeli cultural programs for youth and adults generously supported by the IAC and Startup18 which created new entry points for Jewish community by supporting independent Jewish and Israeli community project founders. An advocate of Hebrew Public, Jennie supported the development of Kavod, San Diego’s Hebrew Language Charter School and created a Jewish After School program for charter students, Kesher, generously funded by the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life.  Jennie served on committees of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County including Young Adult Leadership, Yom Haatzmaout/Celebrate Israel, Yom HaZikaron, and P2P Shaar HaNegev Partnership.  She also serves on San Diego's AIPAC Council (2011-present). Jennie was raised by an Israeli father who maintained their deep connection to Israel and family. Jennie is an avid runner and lives in San Diego with her husband, where she raised her son and daughter. She founded and served as a mentor for IAC Eitanim in San Diego and serves as a Mishelanu mentor as well. She is passionate about establishing the IAC in San Diego to service the community for years to come.