Sharon Cohen

IAC Eitanim Program manager

Sharon was born and raised in Beer Sheva, the main city of the South in Israel. She completed 12 years education in “Mevhoot-Hanegev” which is in kibbutz Shoval, Extending biology and communication professions. During that period she was an instructor and then a coordinator in Beer Sheva scouts shevet. After graduating, Sharon joined the IDF and serve in an operational drones unit called “Rohev Shameim”, where she served first as an Simulator instructor of the unmanned aerial vehicle and then as an professional officer.

Right after finishing 3 years of serving, Sharon decided to take a long trip across South America in order to explore new places and get to know variety of cultures. After 6 months, She got back to israel, and started new job as Instructor in an educational organization “Tassyeda”  where she was teaching different courses in scientific and technologies professions youth form various of ages.

Sharon is the Eitanim program manager and Merakezet (a coordinator) Shevet Paamon (Israeli scouts) activity in Philadelphia. Sharon loves to work in the field of guidance and exploring, believing that cooperation and connections among people are the bricks for changes and improves.