Noa Salomon

Keshet Facilitator

Noa was born and raised in Aseret, Israel. She completed 12 years of school in Kibbutz Givat Brenner and took an active part in the Israeli Zofim throughout her childhood. She was an instructor for younger children in her Shevet, and later went on to volunteer for a year at Mevo’ot Yam boarding school.

After her volunteer year (Shnat Sheirut), she was recruited for the IDF spokesperson unit, where she was in charge of the training of new recruits. Once she was released from the army, Noa began working in the education system in Kibbutz Naan. She is currently in her last year as a psychology undergraduate student at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Noa loves the fields of education and psychology, and believes that personal connections are the most important factors in building a community, at any age.