Itay Babel Pour

Eitanim Program Manager

Itay Babel Pour was born in Israel. He moved to the US as a son of a Shaliach in Tucson, AZ and Returning to Kadima Tzoran, Israel.

He completed 12 years of education, Graduation from Oded High School. He honed his skills as an instructor and staff member at Kadima’s Israeli Scouts - 'Shevet Tamid' before embarking on his military service as an IDF Combat Medic Commander.

Post-service, Itay's adventures led him to Beber Summer Camp in Wisconsin, where he made a significant impact as a counselor, head of the Israeli delegation, and Operation Assistant. Back in Israel, he was a shift manger in a coffee shop and played a crucial role in screening summer camp Shlichim for the Jewish Agency.

Currently, Itay stands as the Eitanim program manager and 'Merakez' of Shevet Paamon’ in Philadelphia. His passion for guidance and exploration drives him, believing that cooperation and connections among people form the foundation for meaningful changes and continuous improvement.