Ayelet Gross

Regional Manager, Orange County

Ayelet Gross was born and raised in Israel and moved to Orange county, California in 2015.

Prior to her move to the U.S., Ayelet worked as a managing attorney and certified conflict resolution mediator.  
Ayelet holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and business management, During her twenty-year legal career she specialized in business and commercial litigation.  

Ayelet’s passion for working with the Jewish and Israeli community has been long implanted throughout her life.
She Believes in Tikkun Olam as a core value and has always served as an active volunteer in various roles that involve community, youth, and those in need.

Ayelet is married and has four children, she is known as a community leader having held numerous leadership and volunteer positions such as youth committee chair and board member of the county council of her hometown in Israel.  
She enjoys working with community youth groups and those in need. In her spare time, she manages her sons’ soccer league, and enjoys the outdoors with her family.