Issy Daniell

Issakhar Daniell Hacmun is the Founder and President of IDH Group, which manages a diverse portfolio of investments including holdings in Real Estate (in New York City and Miami), Energy and Finance.

Mr. Daniell was the controlling shareholder of Orad Energy LLC, an Israeli publicly traded company, and served as director and chairperson in various private and public real estate and hotels companies that are part of the Tshuva Group.

Mr. Daniell earned an LL.M from Bar Ilan University Law School and served as legal counsel for few years in Israel and U.S.

Mr. Daniell is actively involved in the local NY community and served as a board member of various nonprofit organizations. Today, Mr. Daniell is also involved in the organization Belev Echad which is dedicated to helping and supporting veterans of the IDF.

Pursuant to the goals of IDH itself, Mr. Daniell is continually looking for opportunities that will provide superior investment returns, particularly in Energy and Real Estate.