Bryan E. Leib

NY Media Room Manager

Bryan E. Leib, an American citizen, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Bryan and his family have been stalwart supporters of the State of Israel since 1948 and of many Jewish organizations. In 2018, Bryan launched a campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in Philadelphia, PA and he was one of the youngest Jewish candidates for Congress in the country to make the General ballot.  In addition, Bryan is an active op-ed contributor to Israel Hayom, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and the Jewish Exponent.

Bryan is a board member of the National Museum of American Jewish History and one of the youngest members of the Jewish National Fund-USA Speakers Bureau. 

Bryan is on a mission to build a strong bond between the Israeli-American and Jewish-American community. He is passionate about inspiring the next generation of Israeli/Jewish-American leaders in the USA to be vocal supporters and strong advocates for the State of Israel. In his free time, Bryan enjoys attending baseball games, playing golf and trying new restaurants.