IAC Moatza Leadership Conference: Connect! Inspire! Empower!

The last IAC Moatza Leadership Conference took place on Sun, January 22, 2017 at Park East Synagogue, 164 East 68th Street, New York, and was aimed for Hebrew-Speaking Israeli-Americans. The thematic focus of Community Initiatives. The goal is to invite NEW people to share from their experience and expertise on various topics, cultivate relationships (networking) and discussion the connection to Israel and to the local New York metropolitan communities.

2017 Speakers 2017 Schedule

Conference Co-Chairs: Anat Ziv & Etti Inbal

The IAC-MOATZA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is a one-day conference is designated for Hebrew-speaking Israeli-Americans who care about our community, and seek to deepen their involvement by acquiring practical tools for effective leadership.

The 3rd annual IAC-MOATZA Leadership Conference is a community-driven initiative that is designated for the Israeli-American community.  Over 25 speakers, panelists and workshop mentors deliver a full day of meaningful discussions, practical tools and inspiration to Israeli-American community leaders, business people, parents, scholars, entrepreneurs and people who care about our community.  Last year we had 150 individuals participating from the East Coast. The conference is delivered in both Hebrew and English.  I am attaching some marketing materials from last year.

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Early Bird Registration (ending 12/31/2016): $45 / $25 student

Regular Ticket (starting on 1/1/17): $65

Door Registration: $85

השפעה ומעורבות חברתית - יוזמות לבניית חיבורים משמעותיים לישראל

הכנס מיועד לישראלים-אמריקאים דוברי עברית שאכפת להם מהקהילה - פעילים, יזמים, אנשי חינוך ותרבות, הורים, אנשי עסקים, אקדמאים וסקרנים שרוצים לקחת חלק פעיל בדיאלוג, להשפיע ולצעוד קדימה ביחד.


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