A college campus leadership program that allows Israeli-American students on campus to meet, explore their Israeli-Jewish identity and their connection to the State of Israel. 
Mishelanu is a national campus program that provides a “Home” to Israeli-American students in order to strengthen and maintain next generation identity: Culture, Language Heritage and strong connections to Israel.

Today Mishelanu is offered in more than 35 campuses across the US.
The Program offers a variety of activities on and off campuses:
  • Bi-Monthly On campus meetings
  • Off campus retreats (Co-designed with student leaders
  • National conferences (DC/CA)
  • Onward Israel Mishelanu- Subsidized and Personalized Internship program in Israel during summer
  •  Leadership opportunities
Do your friends wish they had their own Mishelanu group?
Well they can! Israeli-American campus leaders can operate a Mishelanu chapter on their campus!

The IAC Mishelanu Northeast region is made up of several campuses in the area. Mishelanu students have the opportunity to participate in activities on their campuses and meet Israeli-American students from other campuses in the Northeast during region-wide events.

With so much culture to offer in the city that never sleeps, Mishelanu students are constantly invited to attend Israeli events in the city, from concerts to plays to Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball games in Madison Square Garden!

This region covers New York, New Jersey, and more.

North East Mishelanu is offered on the following campuses:

  • Columbia
  • Baruch
  • Stonybrook
  • Rutgers Temple
  • University of Maryland
  • Regional Groups in New Jersey and New York

Northeast coordinator: Kobi Cohen , Kobi@israeliamerican.org

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