Written by Adi Amit, Keshet Teacher:
I am so happy to have my kids back (well your kids really... ) and new students as well for a new year at Keshet!
We had a wonderful first week! First we introduced ourselves in Hebrew and told a bit about ourselves.
We then reviewed some vocabulary from last year and learned new words related to the upcoming holiday-
Rosh Hashana/ ראש השנה:
Apple in honey- תפוח בדבש
Shofar- שופר
Shana Tova- שנה טובה

We reviewed the alef bet letters we know in a fun competitive game, and they were were into it.

We also had Yonatan the music teacher visit us and teach us a new song for Rosh Hashana.

We then sang it up in the yard, were we had a Shabbat/ a Rosh Hashana gathering, with songs, apples in honey, round holiday challha and grape juice.