About The Event

Organized by: 
IAC Dor Chadash
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
389 5th Ave
10016 New York , NY

IAC Dor Chadsh invites you to hear the stories that will make you laugh, learn and cringe at Fashla Night. While there is no direct translation for the Hebrew word "Fashla"; It can loosely be translated to "catastrophic mess-up", "catastrophe" or "epic fail". Successful people in industries ranging from high-tech, politics and entertainment will share their hilarious Fashlas on their road to success!

Come and get inspired and get some laughs in the process.  


David Yarus- Founder, JSwipe | mllnnl

Julia Ben Shalom- Director, Vibe Israel USA

Gon Ben David- Co-Founder & CEO, Roomer

Noa Yaar, NYC Investor Relations Manager, JVP


Appetizers and drinks will be served 

**IAC Dor Chadash events are intended for Young Professionals ages 20's and 30's. We reserve the right to refund your ticket if above the intended age range.**