Sat, Sep 8th 2018
Dear IAC Family, Every day, I see up close the community of purpose we are building. With Israel in its heart and Israeliness in its spirit, our IAC family is making waves throughout the Jewish world and changing lives all across America. Once a year, thousands from our community gather from coast-...
Sat, Aug 4th 2018
This past September, our family relocated to New York from Givatayim, Israel. Over the last year we have built a new life for ourselves, as an Israeli family living in America. When we first arrived, we attended an IAC Shishi Israeli dinner in the Upper West Side where we made many new friends and...
Wed, May 9th 2018
Celebrate Israel, a national network of festivals bringing together our coast-to-coast community in celebration of the Jewish state, had the largest-ever Celebrate Israel festival this past weekend in Los Angeles. We are grateful to our partner organizations across the country, whose generous...
Wed, Jun 22nd 2016

IAC Dor Chadash hosted Power to the User at Lifion- ADP Labs. An event featuring ten startups from the Israeli tech eco-system in New York. 200 young professionals people came to learn about the bustling Israeli tech scene in NYC, network, mingle, and test the companies newest products. Keynote speakers On Freund VP Engineering at WeWork, and...

Sun, May 15th 2016

300 people came together for a meaningful Yom Hazikaron ceremony at the Park East Synagogue Ballroom on the Upper East Side.The ceremony was led by IAC Dor Chadash stirring committee members, Mishelanu students and partner organization.

Mon, Apr 25th 2016

IAC Dor Chadash had a fascinated gathering with Jason Gewirtz, Executive Producer of the business network CNBC. Gewirtz  discussed his new book, “Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite Unit - Talpiot”.

Sat, Apr 9th 2016

45 community members attended three dinners in at volunteers apartments across Manhattan. Participants enjoyed delicious local dinners and sipped Israeli wine while participating in a moderated discussion about the roles and responsibilities of Israelis living abroad both towards the state of Israel and their local communities.

Sat, Apr 2nd 2016

IAC Dor Chadash gathered with Fuel For Truth and Tazpit Press Service. The talk was facilitated by Amotz Eyal, Founder of Tazpit Press Service, providing news to 300 media outlets, and changing the way journalists from around the world report about Israel. Participants discussed how we can confront Anti-Israel Bias in the Media.

Sat, Mar 26th 2016

IAC Dor Chadash had a midweek gathering with an interactive talk by an Israeli fashion blogger Liraz Cohen, an Israeli American living in New York, and active member of Dor Chadash. She told  the story of Israeli fashion from the...

Fri, Mar 4th 2016

IAC Dor Chadash celebrated with a magical evening of Israeli music, jazz and deep conversations about peoples' journeys experiences.