Launched by IAC New Jersey in partnership with Act.IL, The NJ Media Room is a non-partisan effort with the goal to build an organized online community of pro-Israel activists.

The NJ Media Room is the second room in the US pilot project modeled after IDC Herzliya’s cutting-edge “situation room,” which was initiated by students in response to Operation "Protective Edge" and created #israelunderfire, a TIME Magazine top 10 most influential hashtag of 2014. The situation room's activity led to the development of Act.IL- Online Community for Israel, a joint venture of the Israeli American Council (IAC) and the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).
The NJ Media Room brings together pro-Israel activists for the goal of creating an online community that will act to create a positive influence on the international public opinion about the state of Israel via social media platforms.


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Contact Details

Tammy Levy, IAC NJ Next Generation Director
(201) 408-1427