About The Event

Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
Ticket Pricing: 
parent + child $22 / Additional Child $5
255 Brunswick Street 10th Street Entrance
07302 Jersey City , NJ

The Friends from "Love Street "  / Goshen theater

Freddy is an avowed animal lover. He lives with Samba, his talking parrot. Lately, strange animals have gathered around his house for no reason. Freddy assured his good neighbor, Tzipi, that all the animals would return to their natural place, but time passed and Freddy did not keep his word. Tzipi can not get used to living next to the animals and decides to leave. Freddy, who understands that he may lose his good neighbor, tries with all his might to remove the animals from the house ... but he fails. Suddenly Freddy's bookworm crawls toward a book and rests on it. That's how Freddy discovers the story about Dr. Doolittle and receives a personal encounter with the man and the legend. Doolittle teaches Freddy how to speak the language of animals - he teaches him to listen. This is a story about being able to listen to another being there for him and lend a helping hand.

11am - light breakfast

12pm - play start

The play is in Hebrew. 

Please get your tickets in advance. At the door tickets are $25