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IAC Beyachad is an inspirational program that guides and supports Volunteer Leaders to develop a series of grassroots events that are meant to unite the Israeli-American community, and to strengthen their cultural identity.

Events include Israeli music, cuisine and holidays.

The IAC is now accepting requests from Israeli-American Volunteer Leaders around the United States who wish to serve the Israeli-American community by producing community events.

In order to create a community event, the IAC offers support to Community Leaders who meet the following criteria:

  1. The Volunteer Leader must demonstrate at least one successful community event/initiative they have previously led.
  2. The Volunteer Leader should commit to initiating at least 3 IAC Beyachad community events throughout the year with the support of the IAC.


About an IAC Beyachad Event

Events must:

1. Fit the IAC mission:

  • Supports or provides programming for the Israeli-American community.
  • Can be defined as an initiative from within the Israeli-American community providing support for the State of Israel
  • Works to build bridges between the Israeli-American and American Jewish community

2. The primary event should target participants, must include the Israeli-American community, and the event should be open to the entire local Israeli-American community. 

3. The participants at the event should be at least 50% Israeli-American.

4. The event should provide significant return on investment (number of participants/impact on participants) and should be able to create synergy with existing IAC-supported programs.

5. It is preferable if the event includes at least one local partnership that will contribute in some way, such as::
Venue, catering, refreshments, audio-video equpment ("AV"), equipment, marking materials, or other.


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