Vered Merzer-Sapir

Senior National Director of Programs’ Operations

Vered was born and raised in Israel and moved to the greater Seattle area with her family 7 years ago. As an active member of her community and a passion for a strong, united Jewish - Israeli – American community with Israel at heart, she found her place and cause in the Israeli American Council and served as the Seattle chapter regional director for three and a half years.

Through the Covid year, as families were quarantined and isolated from their communities, Vered took on the position of National Director of the IAC Keshet program empowering young children and their families to stay connected to Israel, the Jewish heritage, and the Hebrew language, striving to keep a healthy sense of belonging and community together.

Recently, she became the IAC Senior National Programs Operations Director, where she oversees the planning and execution of four of the organization’s core programs: Keshet, Eitanim, Gvanim and Gvanim Limmud.

In Israel, Vered worked as an OT in the mental health and rehabilitation field for over 12 years and

managed several innovative and groundbreaking programs, implementing initiatives and processes from ideation to the creation of thriving services. 

Vered is a strong believer in communities and always strives to create and better communities opening opportunities to lead meaningful lives, experience to the fullest and become active and satisfied members of one’s community.