Ayelet Hargash

CMO at Richardson Brands

Ayelet is a marketing & strategic consultant recognized for her ability to develop power brands, and grow businesses in fast-paced environments. She has extensive background in CPG (consumer Packaged Goods) and Health Care industries, both in global corporates and in agencies. She has lead transformation to leading-edge brand building capabilities designed for the digital world, and passionate about making a meaningful difference in people’s life, resulting in sustainable and profitable businesses growth.

Ayelet has developed breakthrough award winning brand innovation, and commercial programs for world–class brands, among them Huggies®, Kotex®, Poise®, Depend®, Pull-Ups®, Danone®, and Theraflu®; and has won the highest recognitions - Grand EFFIE Award, 2 Gold EFFIE awards and Global AME Platinum award.