Our Purpose:
The IAC Real Estate Network (IAC Nadlanist) is a membership-based cohort of professionals in the real estate industry and related fields. The program brings together Israeli-Americans and Jewish-Americans through intellectual forums, with the goal of inspiring personal and professional connections within our community. 

Our Target Audience:
Jewish-American and Israeli-American professionals (at any stage of their careers), as well as those who are interested in real estate, financing, construction, and/or related fields

Our Approach:
Our signature Nadlanist networking events, which are open to non-members, typically attract between 100 and 150 attendees. The more exclusive Mastermind series, are a group of events in which industry leaders discuss potential conflicts in their field(s) These events are for members only and attendance is generally capped at around 20 guests. Other gatherings throughout the year include panel discussions, luncheons, and skill-specific workshops.