About The Event

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 7:00pm
Cross Campus
929 Colorado Ave.
90405 Santa Monica , CA

As young professionals, we're all busy, but we all strive for some of the same things: living a successful, healthy and balanced yet meaningful life.

So we invited some top experts in the fields of health, finance and philanthropy to give us tips on how to fit these values into our busy lives.

We've also invited dozens of partner organizations! Don’t miss our tabling hour where you'll be able to visit with reps from nonprofits and organizations that can help you in all of these fields.

They will also be offering tons of free giveaways to help you elevate your life as a young professional.

You’ll leave this event with all the tools you need to climb chai on the tree of life!

Contact Details

Agathe Chiarini Chadash, Senior Manager, Programs
(818) 466-6454