Micky Shulman

Las Vegas Regional Council Member

Micky Shulman is an esteemed entrepreneur, the founder of Emet Digital, and a dedicated family man. With over 20 years of coding and web development experience, Micky has significantly impacted various industries. His career began in the Israeli military, where he rose to the rank of Company Sergeant Major. His leadership has since been instrumental in numerous roles in Israel's public security sector, The Jewish Agency, and The Western Wall. Beyond his professional endeavors, Micky serves on the Israeli-American Council in Las Vegas and the Board of the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley & Los Angeles. He actively fosters innovation through the development of startups under Emet Digital and participates in the angel investing landscape.

At home, Micky is a loving husband and a proud father, cherishing the moments spent on family camping trips and playing music. His blend of professional acumen, community service, and dedication to his family underscore his multifaceted success.