Amit Elfaci

Las Vegas Regional Council Member

Amit Elfaci is a seasoned real estate developer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience across multiple industries. As the CEO and Founder of AE Pro LLC, he specializes in commercial real estate development, overseeing projects in the US, Spain, and Israel valued at over $70M. Amit is skilled in managing simultaneous projects and leading cross-functional teams to ensure on-budget and on-time delivery.

Drawing from his background as a soldier in an Israeli Navy commando unit, Amit possesses a keen ability to assess opportunities and risks. He made his first real estate investment during the 2009 financial crisis, capitalizing on lucrative prospects. Since then, he has diversified his business and investments across various industries, showcasing steady growth.

In addition to AE Pro LLC, Amit is the owner of Agora Cosmetics, a successful high-end skincare company operating globally with a workforce of 60 employees. He also owns a certified money lending company, providing funding for real estate development ventures.

At AE Pro LLC, Amit serves as President, overseeing numerous multi-million-dollar commercial real estate projects worldwide. He has been instrumental in building the company from scratch, managing all aspects of business operations and amassing a property portfolio exceeding $70M. His responsibilities include designing business metrics, running logistics, hiring and managing employees and vendors, and forging strategic partnerships with local real estate agencies.

As CEO and Owner of Agora, Amit acquired the struggling business and executed transformative processes across product, operations, marketing, and sales. Through his leadership, Agora emerged as a highly profitable enterprise. Amit oversees global operations, crafting business roadmaps, establishing KPIs, and implementing successful employee and sales strategies. He has led cross-functional teams to develop Agora's eCommerce growth strategy, leveraging the expertise of creatives, designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists to drive online sales.

In summary, Amit Elfaci is an accomplished real estate developer and entrepreneur with a diverse background and a track record of success in building and managing profitable businesses.