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IAC Las Vegas
Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 7:00pm
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IAC YP Members: FREE // IAC YP Non-Members: $35
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TBD Las Vegas

Back to Business- Legal, Insurance, and Accounting Essentials for Entrepreneurs!

IAC YP brings together 3 experts you want by your side when building your advisory team: Attorney, Accountant, and Insurance Advisor. They will answer common questions as well as talk about mistakes, and best practices.
This session will be a great asset for any entrepreneur to valuable knowledge!

Food and Drinks on the house!
Free for YP members and $35 for non-members.
Ages 23-40

Yoav Etzion- Partner of YJE & Company.
CAP, Expert in International Tax, Corporate and Individual Taxes, and Tax Research.

Sigal Chattah- Owner Operator of Chattah Law Group.
Business, Civil, and Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Cassidy Arbeli- Expert in Insurance Services.
Holds 8 Licenses. Expertise in Personal, and Business Insurance and Financial Services.

IAC YP is a group that focuses on building a united professional network of Jewish and Israeli-American young professionals, ages 22-39. The program will allow you to broaden your professional connections within our community, get engaged with top business leaders of the Jewish community and gain exposure to new and diverse opportunities, both professionally and personally.

To become a member: https://www.israeliamerican.org/las-vegas/yp/membership

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